Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's CD 8. Time to start OPK testing ! I find this part fun. I am being a total geek about it. The plan is to start today and use the IC's. On CD 10, (Friday), I am going to use the digital ones and the IC's so I can compare the two. There is no reason to do this. I am just curious about OPK tests. Do they really work ? What's the window to predict O ? Are different brands going to give me better results ? Will I ever lean to read the ones with pink lines ?

I don't know. The only thing I do know is that OPK's confuse pretty much everyone.

From my last cycle I learned that my OPK turned positive the DAY I ovulated rather then a day or two before. This means I really haven't narrowed the playing field by that much. I still have to do some guessing to get the BD timing right.

If I had to guess I would go with CD 15 or 16. If it's CD 16 I am screwed. We can't BD that night. Rob has work, then 3 hours of class and I accidentally told a friend he can crash at our place that night. So there is just no time !

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