Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

We got more then a foot of snow over night ! It's really pretty in the city today. Rob is bar tending and couldn't drive me to work and no one wants the very pregnant women driving in this much snow, so I am having a me day.

It's been awhile. With Rob out of work I get zero alone time. So I am sitting here trying to decide if I should read a book or watch a Harry Potter movie.

Good day :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

4 and 1/2 pounds!

Is what the ultrasound tech said that Kevin weighs already! Big boy :)
I went to the doctor last week and at 32 weeks 3 days I was measuring just over 35 weeks. I have been consistently measuring 3 weeks ahead for over a month now.

The doctor isn't too concerned. She said Kevin is in the 65th percentile which is great. However she is surprised as both Rob and I are small people that were tiny babies. She thinks Kevin will be on the larger side when born. Eeek. I was hoping he would be on the smaller side.

I am told these measurements are not always accurate and anything can still happen. So we wait and see and I have another growth scan in a few weeks to check his weight again.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kevin's nursery

The nursery is really getting there. Almost done. Here are some pics:

The armoire in the corner. There is no closet in his room so this was a very important purchase. We are going with a jungle/safari animal theme. I KNOW the penguin and sea lion don't really belong but they were mine and I can't figure out what to do with them.

Below is the dresser/hamper. This will be a changing station as well and I plan on finding a cute lamp also.

Crib and Glider:
I am still looking for a mobile

Valance close up

Full views of room from the doorway.
We are on the hunt for a toy chest to go next to the hamper.

Finishing touches still need to be added. I have some decals to put up and am hoping to get some stuff at the baby shower in a few weeks. But this is the gist of it

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kevin's Photo Shoot

Some pics from the 3D/4D Ultrasound. Not as clear as I'd hoped for but I LOVE them!!
(The placenta was in the way )

Here is a short 30 second video clip:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Some updates

All seems to be going ok lately with my pregnancy. I am huge as you can see by the belly shot below. I had my doctor appointment yesterday and I am still measuring big so I will get a few extra ultrasounds thrown in to check on baby Kevin's weight. I can't say I mind that AT ALL :)

I PASSED the 3 hour glucose tolerance test!! I was so relieved about that.

I made ALL of my appointments for the rest of my pregnancy yesterday. How weird is that? I am on an every 2 week schedule now and when I hit 36 weeks I move on to every week. I even made one post due date appointment which I hope isn't necessary.

Weight. A bit of an issue. Well, for me. The doctor seems to think my weight is fine. I am worried though. I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks. Bringing my total to 20 pounds at 30/31 weeks. I think it's coming on too fast now. I can't stop it though.

The crib is up, mattress in, glider here, furniture set ( well, almost). I'm waiting for a few more decorations I ordered to come in and then I will post some nursery pics.

I have a pregnancy massage today that Rob got me for Christmas. I have my 3D/4D ultrasound tomorrow. There is another snowstorm heading in and I am worried it will affect my plans. I hope not.

New Belly pic below.

30 Weeks Belly Shot

Well 30 weeks, 4 days (but whose counting)

Monday, January 3, 2011

3 Hour Glucose Test

I dealt with that this morning. I'm glad I was warned that it was going to suck. It did. Nothing horrible just more annoying. I woke up at 6am and couldn't have anything but small sips of water until the test was over. That was the hardest part. My appointment was for 8:30 am. I got there, they took me right away and took some blood and then handed me the glucose drink. Lemon lime flavored. Not terrible but not my first choice either. Then I spent an hour feeling a bit nauseous. They took my blood again, and again, and again.

Sitting in a chair for 3 hours, even with a really good book, just plain sucks. Especially when all I could think about was food. Starving a pregnant women is just not a good idea. I was so happy when it was over and Rob came to pick me up and we went straight out for a cheeseburger!! Delicious! I may not be able to have cheeseburgers for a few months once the results come in :(

I get the results Thursday and find out what comes next then. I assume it's a diet I will have to go on. I hope that's all. We'll see Thursday.

Saturday is my 3D/4D ultrasound and I am BEYOND excited for that.

Also, Kevin's crib came and Rob put it together today. I LOVE it and will post pics of the nursery when it looks more like a nursery. We still have some work to do and the crib mattress and glider aren't here yet.

In other news, I have updated my blog roll and taken off the ones that kinda died out and added in a few new ones I'm following that are just getting started.