Sunday, January 23, 2011

4 and 1/2 pounds!

Is what the ultrasound tech said that Kevin weighs already! Big boy :)
I went to the doctor last week and at 32 weeks 3 days I was measuring just over 35 weeks. I have been consistently measuring 3 weeks ahead for over a month now.

The doctor isn't too concerned. She said Kevin is in the 65th percentile which is great. However she is surprised as both Rob and I are small people that were tiny babies. She thinks Kevin will be on the larger side when born. Eeek. I was hoping he would be on the smaller side.

I am told these measurements are not always accurate and anything can still happen. So we wait and see and I have another growth scan in a few weeks to check his weight again.


  1. Wow - big boy alright. Man I hope he doesn't get too big in the next 5 or so weeks. Not too long now till your lil fella arrives. Hope you're keeping well :)