Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day ! CD3

Well woke up to a serious snow storm. 15 inches already. I got the day off so this is now a 3 Day weekend for me. LOVING IT.

Nothing too exciting on the TCC subject. Still charting/temping. Boring low temps, but seems so far I am functioning normally. That is a very good sign.

I'm going to get cracking on the fertility book today.

My snow day has been productive. I made breakfast, showered, cleaned, and did the bills. Now on to studying. Yes this is basically a textbook.

I am so happy to have the day off !

Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's a wintry mix outside. Snow and rain together that has created mass amounts of slush and very heavy snow. Waterproof boots neccessary. I left work 25 minutes early and the drive home seriouslly sucked. A bit scary as I couldn't see much. I made it tho. Home safe and sound.

Dinner with Denise was great. She told me exactly what she went thru TTC. IUI with Amy and IVF with the twins, Kayla and Lily. The process didn't sound like fun. Lots of pills, shots, injections, invasive procedures.....I really hope I can do this the old fashioned way.

She also told me most people she knew took a good 6 months to conceive. I feel a bit better now. This WILL happen. I just need to know that and stop worrying.

I temped for the first time this morning. My charting has begun ! I hope it turns out normal or rather, better then normal.

I have a bit of a hangover today from a way too much wine last night. I'm tired and crampy and I am not going to excercise today. No way I am going outside feeling like this and with the weather this bad. I WILL do something tomoro, even tho it's Friday. I will even do stuff over the weekend. I have been eating decently. Still need to cut back on the drinking. I am having a major buffallo wings craving. Or pizza. Not going to happen tho cuz Rob feels bad for delivery people in this weather so he will brink home something to cook. I requested steak. Hope that happens.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CD1 !


I finally got my period. It's exciting cuz now the temping/charting can begin.

I also got the BBT ( Basal Body Themometer ). I will start on that tomoro morning.

I have everything I need and am ready to figure out wtf my body is doing reproductively. Hopefully I will get the timing right and will be pregnant by next month !!

I hope, I hope, I hope

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little More Patience

Well my period has not shown yet. It is technically CD31, or 30 days since the start of my last visit. I am starting to get my hopes up again. It's most likely going to show today. The symptoms are all there and I ended up doing a HP test on Sunday that was negative. Since it ws an early response test this is not a great sign.

This particular month I will not be so dissapointed.
Of course I will be THRILLED to be pregnant now but it would mean a total stop on seroquel, wine, e-cig, caffine, ( well almost ) and I would end up telling Denise, Corrin, Sean , Ken, and Kathleen before anyone else would know.

I still want it tho :)

But yes taking the month to wean off the Seroquel will be most important
I went down to 25 last night and had a terrible nights sleep. Insomnia will be a major pregnancy issue for me. Herbal teas and benedryl I guess. Maybe I will have a calm baby. something to think about

Welp I will test in the morning and no for sure by then.

The flip side is, if I am not pg then my period is late for no reason or I am not getting one this month for medical reasons. These are really bad things to have happen when u are TTC.

Lets hope I'm either preggers or stress just made it a bit late this month.

Lets see, today my digital OPK's came in and my book Taking Charge of your Fertility. I will have to pick up a basal thermometer tomoro. The one I ordered won't be here till...well I'm not exactly sure when. I want to start temping and charting as soon as I can.

So theres another reason to not be dissapointed. I get to enter the world of graphs. Colorful ones, Online ones, Pretty ones. I like studying stuff so this will give me something to focus on.
Something to pass time with anyway.

Drinking. I just went 2 days without anything. May have been why I slept like shit last night.
Excercise. I made it to the gym ! ! ! Just 45 minute power walk on the treadmill.
I must ease my way into the healthy lifestyle.

Well thats where I stand now. Still in limbo. I will know for sure by tomoro morning though. I have everything I need for this month but a thermometer. Hoping they have it at CVS.

Tomoro I have dinner with a friend who had 3 babies with medical help. I'd like to pick at her brain for a bit on the subject.

Lots to do tonight. Must get on eliptical

UPDATE: I forgot the charger to my e-cig at work. I am putting a patch on now, but this is going to SUCK tonight ! I guess I better get used to this sooner or later.
Damn nicotine

Sunday, February 21, 2010


CD is short for Cycle Day. The day of my period starts the cycle and is called CD1. Wow am I leaning very fast about this whole thing. I've never before known so much about my body. Anyway as soon as this cycle starts ( should be today or tomoro ) I will be refering to the day as CD1, CD2, CD15.... .This will also save me from trying to come up with a title for every blog

Incidentally, CD will also be my new initials if i ever get around to legally changing my name. Which I should do soon cuz my passport expires in June and I might as well kill 2 birds there. I do want to have the same last name as our child.

Today I took a quickie online charting course. It seems rather easy. As long as I temp every morning at the same time i can do this. It even looks like it might be fun. ( except for the waking up early on weekends part )

The thermometer and digital OPK's have shipped. They will arrive at my office tomoro. So looks like things should be egtting started soon.

I can't wait for this blog to turn into a pregnncy blog !
Patience..........Must have patience....

OK. My goals for this week are:
1) Get to the Gym.
I do not have to do much there. I will just walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes. So it shouldn't be too hard to get there. I really ned to make that part of my routine. Winter in NYC has made me lazy. I sit around and eat, drink, and watch TV. Just an hour a day of moving will def help. Also hoping it helps my sleep.

2) Try to eat healthy. I suck big time at this. This weekend was ridiculously UNhealthy. I can't even write it down, but again, nothing too severe. Just bringing in some fruits and veggies to snack on at work. Making my own lunches and no more late nite food.

3) Start taking temps every morning and entering the data on the online charting site I registered for. I will be referring to this site as FF. This stands for Fertility Friend. (I know - cheesy - I didn't make this up tho)

That is actually alot for a week. I'll stop there. I have a hangover today so I don't have to do anything but play online and read or watch TV today. Hopefully tomoro I will at least attempt to reach some of these goals. Sheesh these are not hard goals. I better do it !

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Beginning

I am starting a new blog and I am not sure when or if I am going to share it with anyone. I am also not certain I am even goin to update it.

Why the need for a new one? Simple, I am growing up and need a place to sort thru things.

Rob and I have decided to try for a baby !
This could be a quick, painless process, or more likely, a long emotional one.

I have found there is a whole internet community out there filled with women trying to conceive. They speak a different language, but i have picked up on it already. So it's very possible I will use acronym's that no one will understand. It's ok tho, as I am the only one currently reading this blog. ( right now - still up in the air about this decision )

So, Rob and I began tcc ( Trying to conceive ) in December. It was a half - assed attempt that didn't work at all. So we got a bit more serious about it in January. I thought we did pretty good, but no, it didn't work. This was the first month I was pretty bummed when I realized it didn't work.

Honestly from the stories I had heard prior to our trying, I really thought I would get preggo the very 1st time we tried. I am quickly becoming more realistic about this. I also realize that i am 34 years old and it is very normal for it to take up to a year to conceive. I really hope it happens quicker then that, but will do my best to be patient. Patience is not a quality I naturally possess. It is one I will need to acquire now. I am working on it.

OK, onto February.
Sadly, It is not going to happen this month either. So I have decided to become a bit more aggressive in this quest.
I have joined an online message board filled with women TTC. It's a huge board for tcc, pregnacy, and parenthood, so if I like it I can be there for years.

Basically, I am going to get all scientific now. I will take my temp, use OPK's, and chart this upcoming cycle. It should start 2moro or Monday.
So this month promises to be a bit of a change. A little bit of work I am not used to. So I will call it the first lifestyle change of many more to come.

I will be waking up at 6:45 am EVERY morning to temp. Even Sunday ! I figure it's good practice for WHEN we have a baby and need to wake up early all the time. Check out the positive vibes going on in that sentence !

Other lifestyle changes include:

I have completely quit smoking and will not take it back up anytime soon. I am still using the e-cig and will try to wean myself off this month. I have started taking a multi-vitamin every day

Drinking. I still do too much of this. I will not drink wen I become preggers, but I don't see why i should deny myself prior to that. I stopped drinking booze and with the exception of an occassional margarita and now only drink beer and wine. I like wine best. I guess I can try to cut back, but it's a stressful time around here.

Excercise & Diet. Boy do I suck big time here. I have put on 20 pounds since I quit smoking. I am fat now. I've accepted it.
Since my work hours were extended I haven't been to the gym. I do plan on starting that up again. Even if I only walk the treadmill I have to get moving.
I will starting this week - no more excuses

Diet. I have been better about eating veggies and bringing my lunch to work but I can't stop the buffalo wing habit.

I'll work on this.

Well, I have alot to do in the coming months. Mainly - GET PREGNANT ! ! !

So. Good Luck Me