Sunday, February 21, 2010


CD is short for Cycle Day. The day of my period starts the cycle and is called CD1. Wow am I leaning very fast about this whole thing. I've never before known so much about my body. Anyway as soon as this cycle starts ( should be today or tomoro ) I will be refering to the day as CD1, CD2, CD15.... .This will also save me from trying to come up with a title for every blog

Incidentally, CD will also be my new initials if i ever get around to legally changing my name. Which I should do soon cuz my passport expires in June and I might as well kill 2 birds there. I do want to have the same last name as our child.

Today I took a quickie online charting course. It seems rather easy. As long as I temp every morning at the same time i can do this. It even looks like it might be fun. ( except for the waking up early on weekends part )

The thermometer and digital OPK's have shipped. They will arrive at my office tomoro. So looks like things should be egtting started soon.

I can't wait for this blog to turn into a pregnncy blog !
Patience..........Must have patience....

OK. My goals for this week are:
1) Get to the Gym.
I do not have to do much there. I will just walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes. So it shouldn't be too hard to get there. I really ned to make that part of my routine. Winter in NYC has made me lazy. I sit around and eat, drink, and watch TV. Just an hour a day of moving will def help. Also hoping it helps my sleep.

2) Try to eat healthy. I suck big time at this. This weekend was ridiculously UNhealthy. I can't even write it down, but again, nothing too severe. Just bringing in some fruits and veggies to snack on at work. Making my own lunches and no more late nite food.

3) Start taking temps every morning and entering the data on the online charting site I registered for. I will be referring to this site as FF. This stands for Fertility Friend. (I know - cheesy - I didn't make this up tho)

That is actually alot for a week. I'll stop there. I have a hangover today so I don't have to do anything but play online and read or watch TV today. Hopefully tomoro I will at least attempt to reach some of these goals. Sheesh these are not hard goals. I better do it !

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