Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Beginning

I am starting a new blog and I am not sure when or if I am going to share it with anyone. I am also not certain I am even goin to update it.

Why the need for a new one? Simple, I am growing up and need a place to sort thru things.

Rob and I have decided to try for a baby !
This could be a quick, painless process, or more likely, a long emotional one.

I have found there is a whole internet community out there filled with women trying to conceive. They speak a different language, but i have picked up on it already. So it's very possible I will use acronym's that no one will understand. It's ok tho, as I am the only one currently reading this blog. ( right now - still up in the air about this decision )

So, Rob and I began tcc ( Trying to conceive ) in December. It was a half - assed attempt that didn't work at all. So we got a bit more serious about it in January. I thought we did pretty good, but no, it didn't work. This was the first month I was pretty bummed when I realized it didn't work.

Honestly from the stories I had heard prior to our trying, I really thought I would get preggo the very 1st time we tried. I am quickly becoming more realistic about this. I also realize that i am 34 years old and it is very normal for it to take up to a year to conceive. I really hope it happens quicker then that, but will do my best to be patient. Patience is not a quality I naturally possess. It is one I will need to acquire now. I am working on it.

OK, onto February.
Sadly, It is not going to happen this month either. So I have decided to become a bit more aggressive in this quest.
I have joined an online message board filled with women TTC. It's a huge board for tcc, pregnacy, and parenthood, so if I like it I can be there for years.

Basically, I am going to get all scientific now. I will take my temp, use OPK's, and chart this upcoming cycle. It should start 2moro or Monday.
So this month promises to be a bit of a change. A little bit of work I am not used to. So I will call it the first lifestyle change of many more to come.

I will be waking up at 6:45 am EVERY morning to temp. Even Sunday ! I figure it's good practice for WHEN we have a baby and need to wake up early all the time. Check out the positive vibes going on in that sentence !

Other lifestyle changes include:

I have completely quit smoking and will not take it back up anytime soon. I am still using the e-cig and will try to wean myself off this month. I have started taking a multi-vitamin every day

Drinking. I still do too much of this. I will not drink wen I become preggers, but I don't see why i should deny myself prior to that. I stopped drinking booze and with the exception of an occassional margarita and now only drink beer and wine. I like wine best. I guess I can try to cut back, but it's a stressful time around here.

Excercise & Diet. Boy do I suck big time here. I have put on 20 pounds since I quit smoking. I am fat now. I've accepted it.
Since my work hours were extended I haven't been to the gym. I do plan on starting that up again. Even if I only walk the treadmill I have to get moving.
I will starting this week - no more excuses

Diet. I have been better about eating veggies and bringing my lunch to work but I can't stop the buffalo wing habit.

I'll work on this.

Well, I have alot to do in the coming months. Mainly - GET PREGNANT ! ! !

So. Good Luck Me

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