Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little More Patience

Well my period has not shown yet. It is technically CD31, or 30 days since the start of my last visit. I am starting to get my hopes up again. It's most likely going to show today. The symptoms are all there and I ended up doing a HP test on Sunday that was negative. Since it ws an early response test this is not a great sign.

This particular month I will not be so dissapointed.
Of course I will be THRILLED to be pregnant now but it would mean a total stop on seroquel, wine, e-cig, caffine, ( well almost ) and I would end up telling Denise, Corrin, Sean , Ken, and Kathleen before anyone else would know.

I still want it tho :)

But yes taking the month to wean off the Seroquel will be most important
I went down to 25 last night and had a terrible nights sleep. Insomnia will be a major pregnancy issue for me. Herbal teas and benedryl I guess. Maybe I will have a calm baby. something to think about

Welp I will test in the morning and no for sure by then.

The flip side is, if I am not pg then my period is late for no reason or I am not getting one this month for medical reasons. These are really bad things to have happen when u are TTC.

Lets hope I'm either preggers or stress just made it a bit late this month.

Lets see, today my digital OPK's came in and my book Taking Charge of your Fertility. I will have to pick up a basal thermometer tomoro. The one I ordered won't be here till...well I'm not exactly sure when. I want to start temping and charting as soon as I can.

So theres another reason to not be dissapointed. I get to enter the world of graphs. Colorful ones, Online ones, Pretty ones. I like studying stuff so this will give me something to focus on.
Something to pass time with anyway.

Drinking. I just went 2 days without anything. May have been why I slept like shit last night.
Excercise. I made it to the gym ! ! ! Just 45 minute power walk on the treadmill.
I must ease my way into the healthy lifestyle.

Well thats where I stand now. Still in limbo. I will know for sure by tomoro morning though. I have everything I need for this month but a thermometer. Hoping they have it at CVS.

Tomoro I have dinner with a friend who had 3 babies with medical help. I'd like to pick at her brain for a bit on the subject.

Lots to do tonight. Must get on eliptical

UPDATE: I forgot the charger to my e-cig at work. I am putting a patch on now, but this is going to SUCK tonight ! I guess I better get used to this sooner or later.
Damn nicotine

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