Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's a wintry mix outside. Snow and rain together that has created mass amounts of slush and very heavy snow. Waterproof boots neccessary. I left work 25 minutes early and the drive home seriouslly sucked. A bit scary as I couldn't see much. I made it tho. Home safe and sound.

Dinner with Denise was great. She told me exactly what she went thru TTC. IUI with Amy and IVF with the twins, Kayla and Lily. The process didn't sound like fun. Lots of pills, shots, injections, invasive procedures.....I really hope I can do this the old fashioned way.

She also told me most people she knew took a good 6 months to conceive. I feel a bit better now. This WILL happen. I just need to know that and stop worrying.

I temped for the first time this morning. My charting has begun ! I hope it turns out normal or rather, better then normal.

I have a bit of a hangover today from a way too much wine last night. I'm tired and crampy and I am not going to excercise today. No way I am going outside feeling like this and with the weather this bad. I WILL do something tomoro, even tho it's Friday. I will even do stuff over the weekend. I have been eating decently. Still need to cut back on the drinking. I am having a major buffallo wings craving. Or pizza. Not going to happen tho cuz Rob feels bad for delivery people in this weather so he will brink home something to cook. I requested steak. Hope that happens.

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