Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've had problems in the past with depression and insomnia. I haven't been seriously depressed in 5 years but I can't seem to kick the insomnia. I've tried everything. I've tried every pill out there and many alternative methods as well. I don't know why I don't sleep well and never really have and no one else can figure it out either.

About 4 years ago I was introduced to Seroquel. It is an anti-psychotic medication. When taken at a small dose it is used for sleep. It's not addictive and has worked for me for the past 4 years. I take 25 mgs. Those with mood disorders take from 600-1200 mgs.

At first I was on ambien, then Xanax, then klonopin. Those are addictive tho and no one will prescribe them for longer then a few weeks. The Seroquel has been working great for me so I just take it, sleep, and don't think much about it. Till I started TTC. It is a relatively new med and they have no idea whether it safe for pg or not.

I always knew I would have to go off of the med when pg. Last month during the 2ww I did go off it. I had a hard time adjusting, but I made it through with the help of Tylenol PM and/or benedryl plus a few sleepless nights.

I started using it again when AF showed. I'll go off it again for the 2ww. However, until O is confirmed I am going to keep taking it. There are antihistamines in the pm Tylenol and benedryl that can affect CM. I know the right CM at the right time is important. Also the insomnia really screws with my temps.

AF left today. I am pretty happy about that. Otherwise, it's a pretty boring day. Nothing planned. Just get some things done and relax.

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