Friday, March 19, 2010

The Great Internal Debate

So it's 10 DPO today. My mind is going through the "Am I pregnant or not" debate.
I thought I would try to sort it out and come to a decision right now:

1) Sore Boobs. Well this has historically been a very sure sign that AF will be here in a week or less. BUT they are LESS sore then last month, and last month they were sore much earlier then 5 days to go. Verdict: PG !

2) Stomach Issues. Since Tuesday I have had stomach issues. A bit gassy and just an unsettled stomach feeling. Not nauseous but not normal for me. Of course I have also had insomnia and this could be the result of that, but it really could be a good sign. Verdict: PG !

3) My chart sucks. Seriously sucks. I have had temps way above, way below, and 2 ON the coverline. This is very bad for the luteal phase. Verdict: Not PG

4) Sore Boobs. Yes I know this was covered, but since they are definitely sore... Verdict: Not PG

OK, that is 2 for PG and 2 for Not PG. So i guess this didn't work.

I promised myself I wouldn't come up with Imaginary PG symptoms this time but I just can't help it. Truth is it is too early for any pg symptoms and at this point it can go either way.

I know 10 dpo is technically testing time. I just really don't want to see another negative test. I have some hope this month and I like the hope. I'll keep it for another few days if I can. It is getting very hard not to pee on that stick now. I haven't decided when or even if I will test this month.

I really hope this is it !

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