Saturday, March 20, 2010

bummed out

I am feeling very down today. It started last night. My breasts went from kinda sore to very sore. I woke up this morning to another temp dive down to the coverline at 11 dpo. I really feel like I am out this month. I am so bummed. I really wanted this to be it. We have been trying for 4 full months now. Really trying.

I will have to pull myself out of this funk and get excited for the next cycle, but it isn't easy. I really have no hope. I'm trying but I just don't feel it. Rob's birthday is tomoro. I have to get in a better mood.

I'm going for a mani/pedi today and then I'll try to cook something cool for dinner tonight. I was really excited for this cycle. I figured 4 months was a good amount of trying time. I know my age and weight may be affecting this. I can't do much about my age, but I can work on the weight thing. At least I can feel like I'm doing something.

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