Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Other Blogs

Today I clicked on someone on the boards blog they had as their signature. Read their story so far, clicked on one of their followers, again, and so on.....

I spent 2 hours at work reading TCC blogs and even got stuck on a few.

1 was a very religious couples infertility blog. Another started out as an infertility blog and now she is preg with quads ! A few were disheartning, a few inspiring, some just plain weird. But all were way more interesting then mine ! ( with much better grammer )

I haven't put this blog in my sig or clicked to follow any others yet. I'm debating this. Like I said this one is boring so far. I'm hoping my story stays boring and I just get pg after trying naturally a few times.

But it would be fun to take some time to read other bloggers and connect. I can't decide right now.

I took a digi OPK and a regular cheapo one today. Both were negative. I only took the digi so I would know how 2 use it and I can start taking them at work next week. Seems easy enuff. I should buy more cheapies for the early days and not waste the money on the digitals. Right now I am pretty stocked up so it's not a problem.

Hopefully this is my last month using them. CD8 - so boring.

I'm hoping there is some Battlestar Galactica netflix DVD's in the mailbox today.

UPDATE: I have decided to open the blog up, but only to ther TCC'ers

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