Saturday, March 20, 2010

Feeling Better

I just had a mani/pedi and a chair massage. I went for a long walk and did some shopping. I am feeling much better now and I've decided not to count myself out yet this early on.

I've hated my thermometer since day 1 so I am not going to start believing it now. It's very possible that my temp will shoot up tomoro and stay that way. I have no cramps and AF is not here. I could still be in this.

Rob is leaving for band practice soon. I have the night to myself and am going to attempt to make an almond crusted chicken cordon blue. If I can do it I will make it for his birthday dinner tomoro night. I also have to wrap his presents tonight while he's out. I love wrapping presents.


  1. I love wrapping presents too!!!

    So when are you testing???

  2. Exciting stuff right - lol.
    I haven't decided when to test. I'm thinking Tuesday (14 dpo)