Monday, March 8, 2010

CD 13

I am now at the point in my cycle where it becomes very exciting to pee on sticks. OPK sticks. I'm really thinking Ovulation is this week. If it is tomoro it will actually be on CD 14. Which would make me normal, so it won't be tomoro. Fertility Friend is predicting Thursday. Makes sense based on my last cycle, which was unusually long. I'll just have to wait and see. Today's was negative but any day now...

I am really worried about missing the window. Excited turns to anxious at times as I start thinking maybe that darkish line on CD11 was really it. I also don't trust my thermometer. Since it's a generic CVS brand I just am skeptical. However I think I am just stressing myself out over this. CD 13 is early for a positive OPK test if my cycle is normally around 30 days. I just have to breathe and remember that tho I am seriously hoping it works and I get PG this time around, it IS the 1st month temping/charting/and using OPK's correctly. There is a learning curve. I may not get it right the 1st time.

Today at work a friend who knows we are ttc told me an interesting story. She was the 1st in her husbands family to have a baby. Every time she brought the baby to someone in his family's house that wanted a baby. (And there were 3 of them ! ) The girl would ask my friend to change her daughters diaper on their bed. Apparently the Greeks believe it is good luck to do the deed on a bed where a baby has been changed on.

This is one of the odder stories I have heard, but I'm sure there are a trillion more. Anyway, my friends changed their baby on the bed in our guest room this weekend. Maybe we Absurd, yes, but I still think it can't hurt ;)

Still hopeful and positive. Plan on just relaxing today. I am thinking of going up to Mount Snow to skii next week for a few days. Could be a good way to pass some of the 2 week wait.

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