Tuesday, March 9, 2010

CD 14

I am very excited right now ! I got my first truly positive digital OPK !!! An ADORABLE smiley face popped up today :) I also have other signs that I am fertile. Things seem to be working right in my body so far so I am VERY hopeful for this month.

I had to ask this question on the board, but a positive OPK means I can ovulate pretty much any time now ( normally 12-48 hours after the first positive test). I cannot believe I am this excited for a possible ovulation. Hopefully my chart will confirm it, but I really just do not trust that thermometer.

I took 2 more when I got home after peeing an hour ago and drinking some coffee and water. The FR one was an almost positive and the CVS brand was a blaring positive. These don't count tho. I didn't hold my pee and limit my fluid intake. But still....very encouraging.

If I am this excited for a positive OPK test I can't wait to feel what it's like to get a positive pregnancy test !

Also, this means I will Ovulate on either CD 14 or 15. That is pretty darn close to normal. Yes, I am striving for NORMAL for the first time in my life.

AND Rob is cooking baked claims and pasta tonight AND LOST is on tonight.
It is a good day


  1. Lost, pasta and ovulation! What could be better!!??? Fingers crossed that you catch that egg!