Thursday, March 11, 2010

CD 16

And just like's over. Ovulation. At least I think so. My temp spiked yesterday and went up again today. My new Fertility Friend should confirm that I ovulated soon. I feel a bit let down today. Such a small window I have. I guess I was on a little Ovulation high and it's gone now. So I was possibly fertile for 2 days there. The whole excitement of 'waiting to ovulate' and 'baby making week' is gone. Just like that. So Quickly.

However, reading one book and googling my brains out by no means makes me an expert. So to be safe we'll continue to BD tonight. Tho I am really not so much feeling it. Hopefully, that will change.

No need for actual depression though. I think we did a really good job this month and we actually had alot of fun this week ;) We both think that we made a baby on Tuesday. Yep, we had that conversation last night. I hope we are right.

So after tonight I go into the 2 week wait. Kinda boring and it's the part of this process where there isn't anything I can do but obsess over whether or not it worked. That and feel like every single noise and change that I feel in my body is a pregnancy symptom. I know I'll get tired and hungry. I get tired and hungry pretty much every day, but in the 2ww these are now imaginary pregnancy symptoms. IPS. ALOT of girls go thru it so they had to give it an acronym.

We had dinner with my younger sister and her bf last night. Now I know paranoia is getting the better of me. I actually thought for awhile that maybe she is pregnant. I based this on the fact that she didn't have a glass of wine and told us she was on antibiotics. That's what all pg girls who aren't telling do at first. Then I got to thinking....Wow her and bf's relationship is moving really fast ! He's going on a semi-family ski vacation and he's already agreed to come to Easter dinner. THEN I remembered that he was unemployed cuz he was going to start his own business. Last night he told us that he took a job instead. I figured all this must mean they have an "accidental" pregnancy going on. Oh yeah and she turned 30 this past summer

Rational brain is telling me that my sister is a do it by the book, play by the rules very catholic person. I know she is on bcp. She is the perfect one who does everything right and in the right order. So baby before marriage does not fit. I've got babies on the brain. I've become paranoid and scared that everyone but me is pg.

It wouldn't be the end of the world if she is. Tho my rational brain knows better, I can't help but wonder. Hey, back to being positive. It would be great if we were PG together !!!!

Tho I do hope I have a bit more time. Like planning her wedding time !