Saturday, March 13, 2010

CD 18

It's windy, with freezing rain, the same as yesterday. It's depressing out and I'm down and out today as well. My temp took a serious nosedive this morning. I'm clinging to that tiny bit of hope that it was just a fluke. That I woke alot in the night, was congested, slept with my mouth open, temped a bit too late......Yes, these factors will affect it, but not by as much as I varied from what should have been.

I am wondering if this temping and charting thing may not be for me. I seem to have strong emotions every day relating to a fertility sign ( or lack thereof ). One day excited and convinced this is the month. The next day depressed and convinced it's not.

Really, I won't and can't know shit till the cycle ends so why do I obsess all day long ?

Rob met up with some of our friends for a Happy Hour after work last night. I didn't go. I stayed in and obsessed. I went on FF and looked at a zillion charts. I found a bunch with the same BD schedule in regards to O that ended up in pregnancies. I made myself feel better and went to bed happy.

The damn rain on my AC unit kept waking me up all night and then this morning that temp nosedive happened. So my mood is right back down. We have plans to meet up with some college friends and go out to our favorite steakhouse tonight. I always get the lobster there. I love it, I like my friends. I WILL have fun once I get there but the motivation will be rough.

I really, really, really hope that temp jumps back up tomoro

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