Friday, March 12, 2010

CD 17

Ugghhh !
Fertility Friend told me this morning that I ovulated on CD 14. I really thought is was on CD 15. If they are right then us skipping the BD on Monday was a very, very, very bad thing ! They scored our BD timing as "Good". I wanted "High".

I am not thinking I am out of the running this month tho. We did BD on CD 12, 14, and 15 so chances are still pretty good. ( CD 16 too, but I think that doesn't count) AND those were O pains on CD15. I think we did better then "Good".

Rob is mad at FF this morning. He said Screw them for not giving us a "You did Great" hahaha. He's hysterical. He has become as involved ( maybe more so) as me in this quest for baby. I caught him researching OPK's online 2 nights ago and last night I noticed he had his laptop on his knees cuz he read having it too near his spermies could be bad. He likes waking up with me and I have to tell him my temp every morning. He scrutinizes my chart. He asks guys at work who have kids for advice.

If he is this involved with TTC I think he will make the best father ever !

Officially in the two week wat as of today.
I'll go with FF and say I am 3 DPO


  1. I think your chances are still really good whether you O'd on CD 14 or 15. Good luck!

  2. I Hope so. Thanks Heather! I had gotten really down about it today