Monday, March 29, 2010


CD 6 so not too much going on in TTC news. AF is gone. I will start with OPK's on CD 8.

Otherwise it is work on health time. I guess you can say I am now officially on a diet. Tho it's really more of a lifestyle change that I am slowly easing into. I am not obese by any means, but I have recently put on 20 pounds. ( OK, maybe 25 ). All within the last year. I went from the size 4 I had been since college to a size 8 pushing a 10. It sucks. It's mostly from quitting smoking but also just because I am getting older and my metabolism has changed. Not to mention my horrible buffalo wing habit.

I am 135 - 140 pounds. To some that may not seem like a huge deal. However, I am only 5 feet tall. That's 5 feet ZERO inches !! That 20 extra pounds didn't have anywhere to go and I look fat.

So I am trying to eat better. Last week I started bringing my own salads to work for lunch. There is usually a hard boiled egg or some turkey or chicken involved. I bring cucumbers and celery to snack on. This week I replaced my morning bagel with a yogurt/granola/fruit cup. So basically no bread till dinner. ( Cutting out bread alltogether is my worst nightmare )

I''ll work on dinner changes after I get used to the day time changes. Like I said, I have to ease into this. I did actually cut out the wine I usually have with dinner. ( tho mostly because I felt it was screwing up my temps ).

I am really worried that my weight gain, that it happened so fast, and my age are combining to not let me get pregnant. I can't do much about my age but I can try to do something about my weight.

Exercise ? That's a topic for another blog.

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