Friday, March 26, 2010

My 60 year old uncle

and his 38 year old wife had a baby yesterday. A little girl. Zoe. Everyone is happy and healthy.

This was a controversial pregnancy in my family. Mostly because it's my uncles 3rd family. His other children are all grown up and moved away. He is the grandfather of a 2 year old. He will be 70 when his new daughter is 10 !

Controversy aside, I am really happy for them. It took them 4 years to conceive ! I don't know the details as we aren't super close. All I was told was "They had help". So after 4 years and defying age they did it ! It is his wife's FIRST marriage and pregnancy.
4 years it took them and they did not give up and now they have the ultimate reward !

I got bombarded with baby news yesterday and had a big downer of a night.

I got the news about my uncle and then I went on Facebook and saw another friend of mine ( not just a FB friend one I actually know ) has announced her pregnancy. I didn't know they were even trying so this came as a shock. I am pretty much the last person I am friends with to get pg :(

Another friend of mine just posted hospital pics of her 2nd child birth

AND to top it all off, we have dinner plans tonight with one of Robs friends whose wife is 10 freakin years younger then me and 6 months pg. They were trying and it happened the first month. She wasn't ready and is in the 'bitching about being pg' phase and I get to deal with that tonight. YAY ME !

btw - I am not going on Facebook again until I get my own BFP !
I'm only on CD3 so hopefully I can get back on FB sometime in late April

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  1. ;hugs: sorry about all the fb stuff.. it's rough sometimes.. but that is kinda cool for your uncle. I mean I know he is older, and she isn't exactly young, but a first child is a blessing & he was able to give that to her.... you're next!!!