Sunday, May 2, 2010

Still Excited

I am still over excited. I'm not sleeping well because of it. I wake up alot during the night. And seeping past 7:00 am. I'm pretty sure those days are over for me. I don't mind.

My FRER are now BLAZING ! ! I'm afraid to take one of those IC's though. I have 4 left but haven't had amazing lines on them yet. I haven't taken one in 3 days and I'm thinking about waiting a week to see. I'm very comfortable with the FRER tho. The lines got darker slowly and are now as dark as it can get. Again I am so excited. I really must stop peeing on sticks.

I told my friend Kathleen and my sister. Other then Rob they are the only 2 that know. I go to the doctor tomorrow and will probably start telling people if all goes well.

I have a wedding to go to today. It's one of my co-workers. My father will also be there. We are actually sharing a car with my Dad and his wife. The wedding is in New Jersey and no one wanted to drive. I tire out quickly and today will be a very long day. I hope all goes well. I think we are going to tell my Dad today.

Since I won't be drinking and I don't have the driving excuse I'm thinking a few close co-workers may figure it out. I'm debating whether or not to pretend to drink or lie and say I'm not drinking for a reason. I'll have to come up with one quickly.

I think it might be easier to drink seltza with a lemon or lime and if anyone bothers asking just tell them it's a vodka tonic. I normally drink wine, but hey, maybe no one will notice.

My Dad definitely will. Also, I need to ask him a few family history questions before my doctors appt. So yes, we will tell him today. I better do it soon because my sister cannot keep a secret for long.

Everyone have a great Sunday !

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