Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st Doctors Appt

It was yesterday. I really didn't know what to expect. It wasn't bad, but not very informative either. I went in and she did a pelvic, a breast exam, took a swab for STD's, took my blood, and gave me a flu shot. ( H1N1 shot ). She said she will call me today with the results of my blood test.

I am scheduled for a sonogram a week from Thursday. I want that to come quickly and I want to put it off at the same time. I will be 6 1/2 weeks at that time and I think that might be too early to see a heartbeat, but she seems to think we will. If I see a heartbeat I will be able to relax alot more. I have finally stopped POAS. I am enjoying this and I even told my Dad and my sister. But if I see a heartbeat I will be ecstatic !!

My mood has been great ever since I found out. Obviously some anxiety, but generally I have been in a really good mood. Not very queasy yet, and I'm not too tired yet either. My breasts are still killing me to varying degrees and I get the random pinching/pulling on one side of my lower abdomen. My allergies are still bad and my skin is breaking out. I kinda wish I had some morning sickness, just to make this a bit more real.

My doctor will call me today with my blood test results. Please, Please, Please let it be good news

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