Sunday, May 16, 2010

UNhealthy Week

That is what I am officially declaring this past week as. I was lazy and didn't do anything healthy. I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Rob bartended alot and I just ordered food instead of cooking. I didn't exercise or even go for walks. I spents too much time on the couch or in bed. Beer was involved. I didn't care.

What's done is done and this week I plan on getting back into the TTC healthy lifestyle. I'm not going on a serious diet but back to cooking and bringing my own lunch to work (including healthy snacks ), and getting this body to move. I have a business dinner tomorrow but after that I am going to start back on the treadmill at the gym or my elliptical machine here. I plan on walking to and from the restaurant tomorrow night. Every day I have to do something physical. Even if it is just going for a walk. And no more fast food or take out. I also need to take vitamins and drink more water.

I can do this. If I feel better physically I will feel better all around. However, there are 3 hours of Survivor to be watched tonight.

I have my blood draw tomorrow morning. Please keep your fingers crossed that my numbers have gone done significantly and I will not need a D & C. I should have the answer either by Monday afternoon or Tuesday. I am not sure if they bother with rushing this test.

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