Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday's Baby Shower

I'm just not going.

I have actually been debating whether or not to go to this baby shower for a few days. The girl was my best friend through high school and college and was my roommate for 2 years here in the city. She moved out to Long Island and we didn't exactly lose touch but kind of grew apart. This is her first pregnancy. I RSVP'd yes to her shower before I even knew I was pregnant. It was one of the things I was actually looking forward to when I was pregnant.
Now. Not so much.

I had to get this shower out of my head so I sucked it up an emailed her today. I decided to just stick with the truth. We have always had an honest relationship. I did email her husband first to make she she knew about her shower. She did.

She was great about it. She understood and even offered to come over anytime and listed a bunch of days she was free. I am not really in the mood to bring down the pregnant women so I declined. The offer was more then nice though and I don't have to go to her shower or even feel guilty for not going.

I do have the gifts I bought her in my office. I ordered them online already wrapped. Maybe next weekend I will take a ride out there and drop them off to her. I can handle the one on one, just not the baby shower.

I am feeling much better today. My cold is still here but the cramps have finally stopped and no clots since yesterday. **knocks on alot of wood** I am back at work and very glad for the distraction.


  1. I think you handled the baby shower thing so well!