Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Frustrated

Today is CD 15 and I got a negative OPK and a low temp :( Last cycle I had a positive OPK and huge temp spike on CD 14. I guess I don't always ovulate on CD 14. I was really hoping I did. ^Sigh^

I am glad I am doing my IC vs Digital OPK experiment. The line on today's OPK was dark. I would have called it a positive. The digital read a negative though. This is why I got the digital. I just suck at reading the lines.

I think Rob is getting frustrated also. He is having a tough, busy week and the BD every night 'schedule' isn't helping. Sometimes I feel like he is getting mad at me because I haven't ovulated yet. I wish I could control it. I can guess. I guessed I would ovulate today and I got it wrong. That bothers him. I think he thinks I should know. Maybe I should know. This is only my second month of charting everything. I can't predict it yet. I guess we should have a talk about it. I just really try not to bombard him with TTC non stop. I don't want to stress him more then he is.

On a more humorous note he asked my temp this morning. I thought he asked THE temp. I told him 57 degrees and really weirded him out for a moment there. whoops ! ( My temp was 97.2).

And a quick side note:
About 19 hours after LOST aired I am STILL thinking about it. That was one of the best episodes this season. Desmond episodes always rock.

**EDIT - Seems last cycle I did get a positive OPK on CD 14, but my temps didn't go up until CD 15


  1. I'm following you now. :)

    Re: Ovulating...sorry it's being such a PITA. *hugs* I too hate reading those lines...they never seemed to give me a positive but the test line varied in intensity from day to day. *sigh* I hope you'll get your smiley face on the digi soon!

    Another LOST follower!? I <3 LOST. Last night's episode totally rocked.

  2. Hi Emi. Thanks !

    Yeah I am just as obssessed with LOST as I am with TTC ;)