Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday was 11 dpo so I took a walk to CVS after work and purchased a 3 pack of the FRER 6-day early test. I had planned on testing this morning. When I got home I used the bathroom and I had some very odd spotting. A few blood clots that were dark red/maroon in color. Figures.

It's way too soon for AF ! If this really is her visit then my LP is way too short. I didn't even have the usual warning signs of her visit. My breasts haven't even become very sore yet. A bit sore on the sides but not the kind of sore that I am used to.

IDK. I just wanted to make note of this. My temp went back up today and no more spotting since that one time, but I really don't have much hope anymore for this cycle. AF is on her way. I did not even bother wasting the FRER I bought.

It's not implementation bleeding because
a) I'm not sure I believe that even exists, and
b) It was maroon, not red and not brown

So yeah, FML

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