Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Week Wait

I am 5dpo today. The good news is that I ovulated. The bad news is that my temp has not even come close to that spike on 1dpo. Today's was actually scary close to the coverline as was another post O. Temping may be the death of me. High temp = good mood for the day and vice versa.

There is someone on TMP ( I can't remember who ) that has decided not to temp after O is confirmed. I'm going to have to go find that thread to see how it's working out for her. I am seriously considering this. Maybe not knowing is better ?

The thing is I get up at 6:30 am Monday - Friday anyway. So I can't decide what would make me crazier. Temping or not temping. Having no idea what is going on or coming up with crazy theories to explain what is going on every day. I am not going to set an alarm this weekend. It's a start I guess.

Work has sucked since Friday. The receptionist is on vacation so I have to answer phones, sit up front, and put my own work on hold. I've been a bit grumpy. And my allergies have kicked in. Fun times


  1. Glad you ovulated! Personally, I'm going to stop temping post-ovulation this time around. I don't want to get all excited about a triphasic chart that ends with a BFN. (o.o)

    I totally feel you on the allergies. I've been sniffling and unable to breath (or subsequently think) for a week now...but since I'm closing in on ovulation, I'm not taking any antihistimines! *cry* Hang in there!

  2. Oh You have allergies too :( I'm sorry, I know it's not fun and even worse when you can't take something for them. I hope you O soon !

  3. girls take your allergy meds and take robitussin to help wit the CM that the allergy meds dry up.. just plain robitussin.. no letters. IT WORKS!!!! I can;t function without my allergy meds.