Friday, April 16, 2010

Fertility Friend really IS my friend

My thermometer hates me. My chart sucks. Temps are erratic and my post O temps are much lower then I would like. So needless to say, I started my day feeling a bit on the down side.

I decided to pay a visit to FF's chart gallery. I searched charts similar to mine that ended in pregnancy and I actually found some. They exist. They happened. I still have a chance. Screw you thermometer, you canNOT bring me down.

I also decided to take advantage of my VIP membership status and chart my mood and any symptom I might have that could possibly fit. I'm tired today. Fatigue checked. I was irritable yesterday. That's a symptom. Check. I'm starving. Increased appetite. Check.
I now have 24 pregnancy points.

OK, now I have no idea what that means. I don't know anything but the number 24. Is it 24 out of 100 ? Maybe it's a 24 out of 25 ? Who knows but I HAVE pregnancy points.
I hope I get gas soon.

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