Tuesday, April 6, 2010

CD 14

Today is CD 14. Last month I ovulated ON CD 14. So I'm really hoping any day now. It would be nice to O today but I just have this feeling it will be a bit later this month. This marks my 2nd cycle charting and temping and I am still working out the kinks a bit. I do know that my cycle ranges from 28-31 days. Last month was a perfect 28 day cycle with O on CD 14. So I'm pretty sure this month will be a bit longer. I'll find out soon.

I had EWCM yesterday. Still no positive OPK yet. I hope today or tomorrow !

Rob starts his Series 7 class tonight. Poor guy. A full work day then a 3 hour class. He is going to be so tired but promised we would DTD tonight anyway. What a trooper.

My temp dipped down to 96.94 today. I don't normally go down that low. I know I did drop the day before O last month so maybe my temps will shoot up tomorrow ? IDK. I turned on the AC last night and woke up freezing. I wonder if that is why they dropped ? Again, IDK. It's going into the 80's this week. So AC is staying on.

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