Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some pics and a concert

I never take pictures. I am horrible about it. I am trying to get better but I always forget my camera.

The neighborhood in NYC that I live in has a few summer concerts in a nearby park. Last night was a pretty good Cuban band. I can't remember the name because it was in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish. Anyway, the park is close by and we got out the blankets packed up some food and drinks and met a few friends for the concert. We had a great time !
As usual I forgot my camera so I took pics on my cell phone. I thought it might be nice to give people a visual of who Rob and I are.

Here's me:

Here's Rob:

And here's a pic of the stage. The lightinging isn't great and you can't really see the band, but you get the idea.

The building in the background is where I live:

Back to TTC:
I am 11 dpo today. I didn't test this morning but do plan on it tomorrow. I had a high temp this morning but do not trust it because I woke up at 4:00 am and used the bathroom. I went back to sleep but I was very restless and don't think I got any real consecutive hours in before 6:30 am temping time.

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  1. Your hair is dark! That is so neat that you can go to concerts right there in the park by your building.

    My fingers are crossed for you!!! (((hugs)))