Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 dpo

BFN :(

I am way more bummed then I thought I would be. I was really hoping hard in the myth that you are super fertile following a miscarriage. I guess I shouldn't have expected it to happen right away. I am 34 and Rob is 35 so it will take us a few months. I just really wanted it now.

I know it's not over yet. My temps have dropped but not too much and my LP is typically 14 days so I can test again in 2 days then if af doesn't show, again in another 2 days. I am just no longer feeling it this month. It was an FRER 6 days early test and I am 4 or 5 days pre-af.

I have also gained at least 5 pounds since the m/c. I am very angry at myself for this. My weight has come on so quickly since I quit smoking and hit 33. I used to be a size 4. I was ok with a size 6. Now I am in between an 8 and a 10. Tho I think I will have to admit I am probablly a real size 10 now. I am only 5 feet tall so this weight looks horrible on me.

The extra 5 pounds is all from letting myself go. After the miscarriage I took comfort in eating whatever I wanted and drinking lots of wine. I also did not work out AT ALL. Since we started trying again I have cut out the excessive food and drink but haven't really worked out much.

Monday I started back with the elliptical machine. 20 minutes Monday and Tuesday. My back has been giving me problems since i gained weight so that was the real motivation. But I want to continue with the workouts at least 5 days a week.

I need more energy. I need to be less lazy. I need to lose at least 5 pounds. I will try my best.


  1. I know you know it already, but you still have a few days of hope left.

    I also took comfort in eating whatever I felt like after my loss. I regret it now, but at the time I felt like spoiling myself. It will come off with all the morning sickness. ;)

  2. Yeah agreed...

    10DPO is really early days! TBH what they advertise in terms of detection is best case scenario. It depends on when the zygote implants and how your body filters and excretes HCG. Wouldn't give up hope just yet.

    This whole conceptive thing is nasty. Put on a fair bit of weight myself and conscious of it everyday. M/c is a hard, hard thing so don't beat yourself up too much for eating to survive. Sometimes it is just one day at a time with one foot in front of the other.

    Still got my FX for you. :-)

  3. I'm so sorry Christine *hugs* Just remember 10dpo is still early!! xoxo

  4. Thanks girls :) I know you guys are right and I can still hope for a few more days

  5. *hugs* The other ladies already said what I I'll just toss out an extra *hug* for you.

    I too was super bummed when we didn't get pregnant immediately following my m/c. When my Aunt m/c the triplets, she got pg before she even had a post-m/c period! I was so hopeful that it was a good sign for me...sadly, I was not blessed with it either.