Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 14. Ovulation?

Day 14 and I am thinking I am seriously fertile right now. I take 2 OPK's a day. One digital and one IC. I just like the confirmation that I am reading the tests right. (they get dipped in the same cup). Today on the IC the second line showed up fast ! By the time it dried the test line was MUCH darker than the control line. I have never seen a test line so dark on this type of IC. I actually got confused and thought I was looking at it backwards. Also, the digi gave me another smiley face.

TMI part ahead:

I have had alot of EWCM this month. ( last month too, it's strange ). Today, however, there was a little bit of blood in the EWCM. I think it's ovulation spotting. I get it every once in awhile.

My temp did go up this morning but not enough to think I already ovulated. And so far no ovulation pains. But that super-positive OPK and today's CM make me think i ovulated... oh, about an hour ago.

We did DTD last night. Twice. I would really like to go again right NOW but Rob isn't home. He should be home by 9:00 and I am hoping he will be in the mood. He wasn't feeling well earlier so I am a bit worried. When he's sick it just can't happen. So I hope he got better instead of worse.


  1. YAY!! Those are some great signs of ovulation! Go get em!!

  2. Sounds good! Even if you don't get to BD tonight, you should still be covered. :) Can't wait for your BFP. I'll be praying it's a sticky one!