Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Anniversary

Our anniversary was yesterday. 2 years married. Go us !

We had a good weekend but didn't really celebrate our anniversary because we are going to the Bahamas in 2 weeks and will celebrate then. We had a nice relaxing weekend. The weather was great and we spent Sunday at an outdoor restaurant on Long Island with some friends. We ate seafood and saw a band that kinda sucked, but we had a great time.

Two weeks utill vacation !! I'm really excited for the break. Since Rob is out of work right now this may be our last vacation for a long time. We will most definitely make the most of it.

In TTC news. My breasts are sore. I am praying this means AF is on her way. I really have no idea based of my chart as it's just completely useless this cycle. I am really hoping she shows this week and then I might actually ovulate while in the Bahama's ! How cool would it be if we conceived on our anniversary vacation !

One can hope

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  1. I hope she shows!!! The Bahamas sounds amazing right now...jealous! Hope these 2 weeks go by fast and AF shows ASAP so she doesn't ruin your trip!