Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 29

It has been 29 days since I miscarried. My chart is pretty useless and i have not gotten my period yet. Not even any spotting. I have absolutely no way of knowing when it will come. I can't pinpoint ovulation so I cannot go off my lp.

It kinda sux not knowing. I need to work on this whole patience thing a bit more. I am optimistically hoping that it will be here this upcoming week, but I can't know. It could show up tomorrow or it may be another 2 weeks. My temps seemed to have steadied a bit and are in the post-O range and my breasts are still sore. Hopefully it will be sooner then later.

There is no real chance of an "oops baby". We were careful. Ironically, we are very good at preventing.

I hope to update with a CD 1 post soon.


  1. I bet it's here before you know it and you'll be back in the game!

  2. I hear ya. I'm in the same boat you are. and I am going on a camping trip June 11th-13th. you KNOW that's when AF will show up!! I can't tell from my temps when I O-ed either.