Monday, July 12, 2010

My HPT Experiments

So I have not actually stopped testing yet. I have taken 3 different types of HPT's this past week and thought I would let you in on how that went.

FRER - Obviously the best and easiest to read. I DID miss the faint line on 12 dpo but when i looked at it a day later I was kicking myself for missing that. so I got my first real line on an FRER at 13 dpo. by 16 dpo the line could not possibly get any darker on this test.

Answer - Very similar to the FRER. If I had know this before I may have just used these as they are a bit cheaper. I actually think on 15 dpo the Answer brand test was darker.

Dollar Tree - These worked surprisingly well. However, here in NYC they are not actually a dollar. they are $2.99. But hey, much cheaper then the previous two and I only took one at 16 dpo and that had a great, strong line on it.

IC's. I don't have great things to say about these. I used the ones from early pregnancy -dot-com. On 13 dpo it was there but so faint I might have chalked it up to an evap line. Same at 14dpo. By 15dpo it was pink and it was there but it was still a faint line. Throughout the week it got progressively darker. I did not get a blaring positive ( 2 lines the same shade ) till today. Today is TWENTY TWO dpo. 1 week and 2 days since I first saw a positive on the FRER.

To sum up I can say that I won't be using the IC's anymore. If it is a money thing then the dollar tree tests are the way to go. And the FRER is still my favorite but that Answer test is a very close second.

My POAS time is hopefully over for awhile now. I have only one IC left and since I don't think it can get any darker I don't need to use it.

Ahhh, it was a fun experiment.
I have my first beta today and I will hopefully get to schedule an u/s at this appointment. I should get a phone call tomorrow with my beta results. It will be great :)

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