Thursday, July 8, 2010

4 weeks 4 days

Everything is still going well. I am happy to tell you that today I did NOT POAS ! LOL. Yes, today is 18 dpo and I have been testing daily ( okay some days twice ) since I got that first positive test. I wanted to make sure those tests were going in the right direction before I called my doctor. They are !


Not much of anything. I kinda feel like I have PMS. Breasts a little sore but not too bad, bloated, and some mood swings. I have been getting up to pee alot more in the night.

I have a doctors appt for Monday. My doctor is on vacation and I do not want to wait 2 weeks to go in so I am going to see her partner on Monday. First appt is no big deal so I don't mind. The practice I go to is GYN only so after I get my first ultrasound and everything is good I will have to find an OB. My doctor will help me.

We have told NO ONE. Though how long I can keep this quiet is up in the air. I really want to get to that first u/s. So I guess we can keep it quiet and enjoy it for ourselves for a few more weeks.

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