Tuesday, July 13, 2010

1st Doctor Appt.

I had my first doctors appointment yesterday. It was different then I thought it would be. They were all very nice and seemed alot less rushed then I am used to there. The doctor said my cervix is high and closed and that was very good. Then she told me she wants to do a set of betas to make sure they are doubling so I have "some extra reassurance".

I wasn't expecting that and was so happy to hear I had that option. Last time they didn't even tell me my beta number, just that I was indeed pregnant. Well, I already know I am pregnant so I am not too concerned about that first number. I am concerned about that 2nd test though.

I feel like I am under alot of pressure to get this number to double. I know there is nothing I could do to help it along, but I wish there was !

My first blood draw was yesterday and my second is Wednesday. I will know the results by Thursday ! EEEEKKKK

If all goes well I can schedule an ultrasound after that. I am hoping to do the ultrasound in week 7. I am 5 weeks 2 days today and I know this week is going to go b extra slow


  1. Yea!!! So happy for good appointments. COME ON BETA-- DOUBLE!

  2. Yahoo!! So glad it went well! I can't wait to hear about your awesome beta numbers! Because they WILL be awesome! :)