Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful for

I realize that with the exception of my gender u/s post I may have been a bit on the negative side lately. So I felt the need to put a "Thankful for" post up today. I really do have so much to be thankful for and really should be focusing on that.

First the obvious. I am so incredibly thankful for this baby growing in me. I am thankful that we were able to conceive naturally at the age of 34. I am so thankful that he seems to be healthy and all is going well with this pregnancy.

I love that Rob is just as excited as I am for this baby. He wanted it as much as me and will be an amazing father. He has been to all my doctors appt's with me and we are shopping for baby and registering together. I realize not all husbands are this involved and I appreciate how luck I am.

Also Rob feels very guilty about his unemployment. As a way to alleviate his guilt he does everything around the apartment. He cooks dinner almost every night, cleans up, does laundry ( ok this is new, he did laundry twice ), does all the errands, and has done some major projects. The biggest project was cleaning out and painting the soon to be nursery. I have been seriously spoiled this pregnancy and will actually miss this whole being catered to thing when he does go back to work.

I am thankful for my job. I do not make a ton of money but I make enough and have great health insurance and some decent perks. The job can be boring and mind-numbing at times, but it is not hard physical labor and I can sit at a desk/computer. I also have made some very good friends through work and appreciate them as well.

I am thankful for where I live in the city. I live in a very child-friendly environment with alot of parks nearby (one right outside my door). We have a guest bedroom that will become a nursery and that is rare in NYC. I have friends that lived in one bedroom apartments until there baby was 4 or 5. My area is nice and we are rent stabilized. I still really want to get out of the city and buy a house but if I do have to stay, this is the best possible place in NYC to live.

Family. All family's have issues and mine is no different. I don't think we will have alot of family support once the baby gets here but we will have my sister living only 20 blocks away. My father also has an apartment and works in the city, so knowing he is close by helps. Robs mom plans on coming to stay with us for a week when the baby is born. I am happy about that.

Friends. We have alot of friends and a pretty active social life. Many of our friends have children and we are learning all we can from them. Most seem happy to help, so I am grateful for that.

There is more, much, much more, but these are the main things I am concentrating on right now. We are lucky. I am lucky. Everything is not perfect and it never will be, but I realize what I have and I am extremely thankful for it.


Baby Boy is still doing great. Moving around a bit now. Nothing Rob can feel yet though. Not very consistent. Hopefully he will pick up the pace soon. We are working on names but haven't settled on anything yet.

Top 3 picks so far are:

Ryan Thomas
Thomas Ryan
Kevin ( not sure of a middle name Yet)

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  1. Nah, not negative, just things on your mind. Not everything in pregnancy is sunshine, rainbows and butterflies. (Wish it was!) There are going to be things which sit at the back of your mind, eating away. This is your blog and the place to express those things! :-)

    Having said all that... I do like this post! :-D

    I like your names too! Ryan is my little nephew's name. DH wants to use it but I don't think I could really do that with another in the family!