Saturday, November 20, 2010

Had a scare

Let me start off by saying the baby is fine and I am fine but I had one crazy scare yesterday.

I was at work and it was 3:45. I starting wrapping things up as I leave at 4:00. I went to use the bathroom. I urinated. Nothing unusual yet. I wiped.
There was Blood!

It was bright red and there was alot of it. It took me 3 tries to make it all go away. I was terrified. I know first trimester spotting or bleeding is common but I am was 23 weeks 5 days. Not a good thing. I started freaking out in my head. I grabbed my stuff and got in my car and drove home. I didn't say a word to anyone. I started pleading with my baby for him to be ok.

He kicked during the car ride home! I was so happy. Not alot, but enough to calm me down a bit and bring me back to reality. By this time I was stuck in traffic on 20th street. I called Rob to let him know what was going on and after what felt like a really long car ride I was finally home. I ran past Rob and went right to the bathroom. There was no more blood. Nothing.

I decided this qualified as an emergency though. don't think that kind of bleed in the 2nd trimester can be easily brushed off. My doctors office closed at 4:00 so I just missed them but I could page the on call doctor in my practice. So that is exactly what I did. While waiting for her to call back I checked for the heartbeat with the doppler and found it right away.

The doctor called me back. She was very calm and nice. She asked questions like what color was the blood. Bright red. Did I have any cramping. I did not. Braxton Hicks. No. Any back-aches. No. She was concerned when I told her the amount of blood and that I have not had sex recently. We also talked about my recent constipation and how hemorrhoids can be internal and bleed and did I maybe get confused as to where the blood came from. I was positive that it came from the front but didn't not think to do a thorough inspection on that.

I also reminder her I have RH Negative blood and I am not sure if I need a Rhogam shot early now due to the bleeding. She said I needed the shot and she would get it for me at the hospital.

The doctor was at the hospital when she called. She had just finished a C-Section and she asked me to meet her at Labor and Delivery for a cervical check and sonogram. I live 10 minutes from the hospital and Rob and I canceled our Friday night plans and got a cab to NYU.

Sidenote: I want to mention this is not the same hospital I went to where I was misdiagnosed with a miscarriage at 9 weeks. That was an ER at Beth Israel. I was now avoiding the ER entirely and meeting my doctor on the labor and delivery floor of the hospital she works out of. I felt much better about this as the thought of an ER now causes me severe anxiety.

It was 6:00 and we were at the hospital filling out paperwork and waiting for the doctor and it had now been over 2 hours since the bleeding. I had not had a single drop more. I had not had a single cramp. Little one was moving around in there. I was feeling hopeful.

They took me to the triage room right away. Rob was with me the whole time. The nurse took my blood pressure and that was fine. I was put on the heartbeat/contraction monitor as well. I got to hear baby boys heart beat consistently for a long time. Heaven! No contractions thankfully.

The doctor came pretty quickly for the cervical check. She saw no more blood. My cervix is closed and long and everything as it should be there. She did a vaginal ultrasound to look for placenta placement. She said it was where it is supposed to be. She then did an abdominal ultrasound to check on the baby and he is doing fine. He even kicked a few times for us.

We were so relieved!

In the end, I am fine and baby boy is fine and no one knows why I had that bleed. I wish I could have had an answer as to why, but at least I have some reassurance that the pregnancy, tho scary at times, is moving along well. I have my regular doctor on Monday and will double check on things then. I forgot to ask the doctor how abnormal a 2nd trimester bleed of this kind with no reason is. I'll ask on Monday.

She did check for internal hemorrhoids and I did have a small one, but she doesn't think that was the cause. She did say we did the right thing by paging her and coming to get checked out right away. If it happens again I am to do the same thing.

After the doctor left they took my blood and urine. I had to wait 3 and 1/2 hours after that for the results and for them to determine how much Rhogam I needed in that shot. The lab was backed up for some reason. I didn't mind though. Rob and I made up some games and took a walk to the hospital cafeteria. It was just boring. Boring is good. No, boring is great!

I am on pelvic rest until I see my doctor on Monday. Not a big deal at all.

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