Friday, October 29, 2010

Gender ultrasound!

Today was my anatomy scan. My baby is almost a full pound and everything is growing on track and measuring perfectly !!

We are having a baby BOY !!!!!!
I am beyond excited. I really wanted a boy. I was trying so hard not to admit that to anyone before we knew. I was trying so hard not to admit it to myself, but truth be told, I was hoping for boy. Sooo happy today :)

We haven't decided on a name yet. Boy names are harder for me. We bought a baby name book today and I have my sister on the case as well. Hopefully we will chose one soon.

Here are some ultrasound pics from today of OUR SON:

We also got a 4D shot. The tech said these shots freak some people out. I guess it does look a little sci-fi. But I think I can see his face perfectly and he is ADORABLE!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your little man Christine! That's fantastic!!! :-D

    I'm not too freaked by 4Ds... I think they are awesome. That kind of technology is amazing and as the baby gets bigger, facial features are more prominent etc. Impressive and gorgeous!

    Your little man, hands to his chin like a little cherub!

  2. Aww Congrats on your son. I think the 4D pic is great! It amazes me that there is technology that can even do that. Good look picking out a name :)