Saturday, October 2, 2010

Strange moods

It was such a depressing week. It rained everyday and just lasted too long. Oh well, it's over and today should be a beautiful day. We plan on walking around the city and seeing a movie. The Town.

Physically I feel fine. Emotionally I am going through something. I just feel cranky and I want to be alone alot. I'm not super emotional, crying at everything, like I think a pregnant women should be. Rather I am getting mad, angry, or annoyed at the stupidest things. It passes but is pretty intense while happening.

One example. I got mad at Rob last night. Twice. For no real reason! We were sitting on the couch and I was watching a show I like that he kind of tolerates. The Mentalist. He was playing a game on his laptop and I started to get mad that he had all day to play silly computer games and the least he could do was watch a tv show with me.
Ridiculous of me! He was right there next to me. I was watching MY show. See how stupid.

Then an hour later I got mad at him for taking to long to compose a text message and the click, click, clicking was annoying me. So I said I was tired and went into the guest room to be alone.

I had a good nights sleep and feel better now. I'm glad I didn't actually yell at him or say something I KNEW I would regret last night. These pregnancy hormones are strange.

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  1. What!?? That's just a movie stereotype! Cranky, irrational behaviour is just as much pregnancy behaviour! Beside, it makes for far better stories than crying over a soft toy! :-)