Thursday, September 2, 2010

Out of the Closet

I had my NT scan at 12 weeks 2 days on Tuesday. I won't have the "official" results until I get my blood work back next week. However, the doctor and the ultrasound tech said everything was measuring correctly and they did not find any of the markers for Down Syndrome.

Baby was being a bit stubborn. The tech had to shake my belly to wake him/her up. Then it was TOO active and she had to chase baby all over my abdomen - lol. This was ok by us as we had a good 20 minutes of watching baby move all over the place on a huge TV. There has been alot of growth and we got a new pic. Here it is :

So it went rather well :)

The baby still hates the doppler but I know it is ok and I'll keep trying, but am not going to let it stress me at all.

After this u/s went so well we decided to announce to everyone. I called a few people and told my Dad it was no longer a secret. Then I announced it on Facebook so now pretty much everyone knows. I am not sure why I was so scared to do this. My first emotion was extreme anxiety. This quickly turned to excitement as I started getting replies.

Work knows too now and yesterday I didn't get much done as people came up to me all day. It was nice :)

I am feeling ok. Still get tired easily. I am feeling "Bigger". I look bigger. In my head it is now obvious I am pregnant. However, other people are telling me otherwise. Hmmm.. I guess I just look fat. lol. Oh well, I will show for real soon enough.


  1. It is amazing the different between six/seven weeks and 12 weeks. Literally from slodge to baby shape!

    Don't be too stressed about what other people think. You will notice the different in your body because noone knows your shape like you do. For the outsider, there are so many different body shapes etc. that the only definitive way to tell a pregnancy is to wait until 6 months when there is a definite disproportion occuring between belly and body.

  2. Congrats on coming out!!! So excited you have hit 12 weeks!