Monday, September 20, 2010

So Happy With My New Clothes

I honestly have no idea why I was resisting wearing maternity clothes. Over the weekend I picked up the clothes my friend lent me and then went to Destination Maternity and purchased some more. I cannot believe the difference.

1) COMFORT. Since I got my BFP I have been mostly uncomfortable anytime I had to wear something other then sweats or PJ's. At first I was bloated and though my pants still fit the bloat made them just a bit too tight. Just enough to be uncomfortable and very aware of my stomach. The bloat went away and I had maybe a week before I realized my stomach was actually growing out. I posted the 14 week pic so you get the idea.

I have been just dealing with it. My pants, if low rise, actually still fit but this weekend I was at the point where I had to either go up a size or wear maternity. I was using the rubber band trick when I could and sometimes just unbuttoning at my desk. My routine would be to get home from work, run to my bedroom, practically rip my work clothes off, and jump into comfys. Today I lingered a bit in my maternity work outfit and if I wasn't afraid I'd get it dirty, may have worn them all night.

2) Looking Pregnant. The pants I bought I love for comfort mostly and the shirts I just love. They are comfy too but their best quality is that they make me look pregnant! I love this because prior to these shirts I was just wearing baggy, oversized shirts that really just made me look and feel fat. I was getting down on myself. These shirts are fun and I feel pregnant in them. (I never wore an empire waist before.)

I feel like I just passed a milestone I hadn't known about in advance. Don't get me wrong. I KNEW when I got pregnant I would grow, get large, and need new clothes. However, knowing it and actually going through it are totally different. I was getting depressed about feeling fat and not going to the gym for a work out or setting up a diet plan. I was getting anxious about getting too big too soon. I was getting worried about just how big I was going to get.

I think this is mostly because I was so aware of my growing by having my pants cutting into my stomach all day and my shirts clinging and touching skin they never used to touch. What a difference feeling pregnant verse feeling fat can make for a persons self esteem.

I am sure as I continue to grow I will go thru an "I'm depressed and huge" phase again but for now I have cured it with a shopping trip.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad that it isn't just me. Totally feeling like you were earlier and feeling even more rotten for feeling that way. I love this little itty bitty so much but I haven't been feeling happy in my own skin for a few weeks and chronically uncomfortable. It is good to know it passes and it isn't just me!