Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Failed the glucose test


My level was a 133 and I needed 129 or under to pass. So now I go back Monday and suffer through the 3 hour test.

I'm bummed but things could be worse. I'm grateful the doctors are on top of this stuff and if I have the Gestational Diabetes we can start treating it and baby Kevin will be fine.


  1. Ugh I do not envy you.. those tests are horrid and the 3 hour is the worst.. but like you said it is best for little Kevin. You'll feel 100% better too. Hang in there. :hug:

  2. Not by much... That must be a frustrating. I am glad that you see that good side to doing this. I don't understand women who talk about trying to cheat the glucose test. Gestational Diabetes is not healthy for mother or baby and can have deterimental effects. Why anyone would not want to make sure their body is working 100% for their little on is just beyond me!

    Good luck with the big test!