Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kevin Eats Wood

Wood. He loves it. The leg of the coffee table and the crib railing are his favorite. He is not unlike a mischeivous puppy. Bite marks from his only 2 teeth have covered these items.

I'm a little concerned. I posted this on TMP looking for re-assurance it is normal behavior for an 8 month old and I received that re-assurance. I'm still a bit skeptic though. I'm worried he is going to end up on that reality show about people with strange addictions. I may have actually seen one where a women ate wood. I am hoping it's a phase he will grow out of.


  1. Totally normal. Wood seems to be a texture for teething youngsters that they enjoy. There are cot rail protectors to stop bub's from destroying them with biting! :-)