Thursday, October 27, 2011

And He's Off....

Kevin is officially crawling! He's been sort of crawling, sort of inching around, for a few weeks. He was big on getting on his knees and then diving forward. He was great at crawling backwards. On Monday he crawled for real. Forwards, about 5 feet. I was on the couch and he was on his play matt and he decided to crawl right to me. It was pretty awesome :)

As far as baby proofing goes we have done the minimum. We locked the toilet bowl lid and gated off the kitchen. We also covered open outlets. He has already tried to stick things, especially his fingers in those baby magnets. I cleaned off one low shelf of breakables. That's about it. We have an apartment with no stairs so I think it's enough.

Now that he can crawl all he wants to do is explore the place. Each corner is a new find for him. It is amazing to witness. He made it over to the desk last night and spent a good 20 minutes under it playing with the wheel of the desk chair. He really loves hanging out under the coffee table.

Oh and that step stool I bought to help me reach things. He thinks it's a play table for So that is what it has become for now:

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  1. What a lil cutie! I guess you'll suss out what needs baby proofing as he explores further and further!