Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lost My Job

My job is over. About a month ago the company I worked for filed for Chapter 11, (bankruptcy). 80% of employees were let go. I was one of the few that stayed in hopes of re-organizing and getting back up and running. It did not work and last Friday we closed for business and I stayed to clean up some accounts until Wednesday. Wednesday at 11:00 am I left for good. I had been there since 1999.

I know I mentioned in the past that I would rather be a stay at home mom. However, Rob is in nursing school full time and won't be able to get real work until he completes the program. That will be at least another year and 1/2. Maybe 2. As much as I want to be home we need an income and health insurance. We will survive as we still have some savings left. I just have to start job hunting and hope to get something soon. Insurance will run out by the end of December and COBRA is going to hurt. Being a stay at home mom by choice is one thing, losing a job the way I did hits on a whole other level.

This is more depressing then I thought it would be. I'm trying very hard to look on the bright side and see this as a new chapter in life. I can get some extra time to spend with Kevin and then hopefully will start a new job and move on. It's just affecting me emotionally more then I thought it would. I liked my job and really liked the people I worked with and I will miss everyone. It's a big chunk of my life that just went away. Uncertainty about the future and not having much security is extremely scary.

We will get through this. All 3 of us are healthy and the holidays are coming and I WILL make this holiday season super fun and exciting for all of us.

Kevin is doing great. He is 9 months and standing up on his own. He pulls up on everything now. Coffee tables, book shelves, his high chair, anything that he can. He is saying mama and dada and baba. He says dada the most :) He doesn't know what they mean though. He just randomly yells them out. lol. He loves going to the playground and the kids center we have here. He is very social. Crawls right up to other babies/children and shares toys and tries to touch them and play with them.

He is eating some pieces of turkey and chicken with his purees now. I give him chunks of fruit or steamed veggies sometimes but he is still learning finger foods. I'm not rushing it. He will munch on teething biscuits and the heels of bread. He also eats those Gerber cheese puffs. He takes four 8oz bottles of formula a day and 3 meals. He's a fat one and so adorable!